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Company presentation

Certified Quality

The flexible versatile structure and high-technological plant units allow us to certify the quality of our products insuring the maximum clarity with our consumers. All our gluten-free products are inserted in the National Food Register as part of the Act 7 of the DM 8th June 2001. We possess ministerial authorisation 302/9217 (Act 10 D.I. va 111/92) and the authorisation ASL n° 212 for the production and packaging of products destined for specific foods.

Italian laws, more severe than the European Normatives have defined “Gluten-Free” as products with gluten-content not superior to 20ppm (parts per million). All our products in the “Pane di Anna” line are inferior to 5ppm. To guarantee this, every batch of raw material arrives accompanied by “Gluten-Free” and “OGM-Free” certification and technical data sheets. Notwithstanding the guarantees bought by this certification, every single raw material batch undergoes further testing by our technicians and head of quality who send further samples to be analysed by external certified labratories.

To insure better clarity between supplier and client we have studied simple and understandable labelling dedicating particular effort to the Nutritional Table that lists – energy value, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fats (saturated and insaturated), fibre and sodium for every product.

Molino Rivetti was established in 1850 for cerial grinding. Our high-quality flour is sold in bakeries, pizza houses and the food industry in all of Italy.

In 2003 the Rivetti family decided to build a new production site just 500 metres away from the old mill. In this new plant situated in the Cascina Ciocchino the new product range “Il Pane di Anna” was born that provides specific food products for celiacs that includes:

• Gluten-free mix

• Organic gluten-free mix

• Gluten-free dry pasta

• Gluten-free finished products

• Gluten-free frozen products