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Terms and Conditions of Sale


General conditions of sale

Placing an order on the online shop www.ilpanedianna.it you represent that you have read all information provided to him during the purchase process and accept the general conditions and payment transcribed below.

Seller Information:
Molino Rivetti Pietro Srl • CF / P.IVA 03492610179 REA 407699 • Reg. Imp. N.03492610179 Brescia – Cap. Soc. € 93,600.00 iv


In order to proceed to purchases on the site www.ilpanedianna.it you need to register the same. The vision for informational purposes requires no registration.
Users who wish to register will have to provide some personal information and follow the registration process.

The registration will be done by a procedure initially it involves filling out a form specially crafted on site to collect all the necessary data; then the Members will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. Only as a result of this contact will be able to make purchases through the portal.
The Registered User shall take care of the access codes and keep them confidential.
In case of loss, theft or loss of access codes You shall promptly notify the Seller that it will proceed with the decommissioning and replacement.
The User is directly and indirectly responsible for any unauthorized use of illegal and functionality of the site by own or by third parties who will use the services offered by the site to its name.

Registration Data User

The User wishing to sign up to be an adult and guarantees that the personal data provided is true, correct, updated, refer to the person who enters or entered with the consent of the third, assuming any responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of information provided. If there are any changes in the data of the Users, it is the responsibility of the latter to inform the seller of the updates as soon as possible.

Cancellation of registration

The Registered user you want to cancel your registration will be sent a notice by e-mail at info@ilpanedianna.it < / strong>

How to Buy

The correct order is confirmed by the system through an answer by e-mail, sent to the email address supplied by the customer. This confirmation message will contain an “Order Number”, date and time of the order, the product name, quantity and price.

E ‘responsibility of the customer to register with the correct data and maintain updated the data through the access credentials.


The purchase of goods is expected by bank transfer, cash on delivery or with PayPal secure transaction system.
The PayPal transaction is done through the electronic system of their portal so in no time of the purchase of the computer system www.ilpanedianna.it and no staff member is able to know the number of credit card of the customer. Nothing is more due by the customer in total order.

All amounts shown on www.ilpanedianna.it are expressed in Euro, which is the reference currency.


The price of the items for sale can be found on the website at the image of each product.

www.ilpanedianna.it reserves the right to change prices at any time, provided that the price charged to the single purchase will coincide with the one indicated on the site at the time of order. All prices on the website are retail prices, VAT is calculated at the time of confirmation of purchase, depending on the type of product required and the regulations.


The essential characteristics of the products are available on the webpage dedicated to each article.
The graphic design of the delivered products could be different from that shown on the site.
For each product is always indicated also the price per unit of measure.

Terms and costs of delivery

The Website www.ilpanedianna.it accept orders with delivery in Italian territory and abroad.
Delivery costs are shown explicitly at the time of order.

No responsibility can be attributed to www.ilpanedianna.it in case of delay in delivery by courier.

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check:
- The number of boxes is the same as indicated in the transport document;
- That the packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials (adhesive tape or metal).

Any damage to packing and / or product or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately notified, subject to control on WRITTEN proof of delivery courier. Once signed the slip, the customer can not make any objection about the appearance of the goods.

In the case of non-collection of the material in storage at the warehouses of courier because of repeated inability to deliver to the address specified by the Customer, the order It will be automatically canceled.

Billing and accompanying documents

Every order will be accompanied by regular commercial invoice or from any other document and / or regular receipt.


Any complaints about the products can be raised by forwarding e-mail to info@ilpanedianna.it in terms compatible with the characteristics of the food sold and perishable nature of the same; ever, in any case, beyond the expiration date indicated on the product.

E ‘Any liability on the poor state of the products due to improper storage after the time of delivery.


The rights of the client are protected by Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 cd Consumer Code.

As described in the above Decree. The right of withdrawal is not permitted in the case of: “ contracts for the supply of foodstuffs, beverages or other goods household consumption supplied to the consumer’s home, at his place of residence or to his workplace by roundsmen frequent and regular “; the purchase of the products ordered through the site in question does not therefore enjoy the right of withdrawal.


The personal information requested under the order are collected and processed to meet the expressed requirements of Customer and will not under any circumstances and no license to third parties. www.ilpanedianna.it guarantees its customers the respect of rules on the processing of personal data covered by the Privacy Code under LD 196, 30.06.03. To see the full information visit www.ilpanedianna.it/privacy.


Any complaint must be addressed to www.ilpanedianna.it for e-mail (info@ilpanedianna.it).

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The contract and the general conditions of sale are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with its terms. Any disputes related to the use of the Site and its www.ilpanedianna.it reserved to Italian jurisdiction.


The Seller shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or failure to delivery caused by events and / or causes of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, such as a guideline but not limited to: natural disasters, adverse weather conditions (such as heavy snowfalls), any strikes (of their own or other employees), transportation accidents, explosions or any other cause, whether similar or different, occurring outside the control of www. ilpanedianna.it and she is not attributable, even existing, which prevent or aggravate the total or partial execution of the contract.

The Seller will also be liable to the Client for outages or malfunctions of the Internet that are beyond your control.

The same, ultimately, does not assume responsibility for any fraudulent and illegal use by third parties of credit cards and other means of payment or for their improper use .

The seller reserves the right to modify all or part of the General Conditions of Sale set out above; Users are therefore invited to review and periodically review the above document, in order to stay informed about the conditions applied. It is understood that the purchase made through the site following the change of the General Conditions of Sale implies acceptance of the changes.