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Our Objective

The objetive of Molino Rivetti is to supply a rich range of food products for gluten-intollerent people.
QUALITY, TASTE and INNOVATION are the elements that set apart “Il Pane di Anna” brand.

Requisites and Authorisations

All of our gluten-free products are inserted in the National Food Register as part of the Act 7 of the DM 8th June 2001. We possess ministerial authorisation 302/9217 (Act 10 D.I. va 111/92) and the authorisation ASL n° 212 for the production and packaging of products destined for specific foods. Our company is certified to BRC / IFS.

Our Products

• Glutin-free mix

• Gluten-free ready prepared

• Gluten-free organic ready-prepared for bread, pizzas and baked cakes

• Gluten-free dried pasta

• Il Dolce e il Salato, the line of gluten-free “ready-to-taste”

• Gluten-free frozen products

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